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Chase Davenport 

Full Name: Chase William Davenport
Born: October 15th, 1997
Age: 16

Douglas Davenport (father)
Donald Davenport (uncle/adoptive father)
Tasha Davenport (aunt/adoptive mother)
Unknown Mother


Adam Davenport (brother)
Bree Davenport (sister)
Leo Dooley (adoptive brother/cousin)
Marcus Davenport (android brother)

Love Interests:

Danielle Gardner (former crush)

Played By: Billy Unger

Chase William Davenport is one of the three bionic humans created by Douglas Davenport. He is the youngest sibling and the brother of Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, and adoptive brother/cousin to Leo Dooley. He is portrayed by Billy Unger.


Chase, although the youngest of the three bionic humans, he is the smartest of all. He is considered the brains of the Rats. What some don't seem to notice is that he's always calm when he is neutral and he's [only a little bit] stressed when in bad situations [like being captured by Douglas and Victor Krane]. He is always concerned about his siblings' safety [albeit seeming very calm in most situations]. This concern is mostly centered around Leo. As a certification of the group, he's what you call, 'putting together the smarts and the captaincy.' He feels that since Bree and Adam have the [seemingly] more useful powers, he should lead them with his massive intelligence to even the odds.
Chase Davenport

Powers and AbilitesEdit

He has extremly enhanced intelligence and can create calculations in his head. He has a special ability to hear conversations and sounds from a far distance. He can create forcefields. He also can connect and control his siblings bodies. He can also move things with his mind. This bionic was hidden untill the Episode "Mission: Space".

Strengths: His intelligence and telekinetic abilities.
Weaknesses: His superior senses and his lack of Adam and Bree's physical infrastructure.

List of AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Intelligence
  • Superhuman sensory structure
  • Energy Force (Forcefields and force-balls)
  • Snot Rockets {don't make that face}
  • Override
  • Commando App
  • Molecular Kinesis
  • Levitation
  • Triton
  • Magnetism 
  • Laser Bo 


  • He was the first Rat to appear.
  • He was supposed to have Bree's powers, but the producers added Bree's character and gave her the super
  • Chase has an Override App: a skill used to manipulate his siblings in case of emergency [or hysterical pranks].
  • He has ten apps so far.
  • Whenever he is upset, he activates "Spike", which causes him to become ruthless, destructive, and talk in a deeper voice.

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