Leo comes in the room wearing scuba gear

Leo: OK. The toilet's clean, the bathtub's clean, the sink is clean, and may I just say, you people are disgusting!

Tasha: Here is your chore money.

Leo: Sweet! I have enough money to see the new pig zombie movie AND get a t-shirt. (in announcer voice) Pig zombie cruise ship massacre in 3D! Hungry hogs on the high seas.

Tasha: Leo, I don't want you wasting your brain, your money, or your time on that trash. You are not going to see pig zombies; end of discussion.

Leo: Wait!

Tasha: (disapproving noise)

Leo: Can I --

Tasha : (another disapproving noise)

Leo: Glad to see we were able to talk this out.

Adam, Bree and Chase come in

Adam: Leo, I know you wanna be a superhero but that's the worst costume ever.

Leo: I was cleaning the bathroom so I could get some money to see my favorite movie. But someone, who shall remain nameless (looks at Tasha) won't let me go.

Chase: Wait a minute. You get paid money just for cleaning stuff?

Tasha: Oh yeah! Most kids have chores. You clean things around the house, and then your parents give you money.

Bree: I want chores!

Chase: I want money!

Adam: Oh, I want a big furry hat so I can wear it to scare animals!

Leo: You guys can finish my chores. There's no reason for me to have money since Ms. Bank Manager put a freeze on my fun account.

Bree: So, where should we start?

Tasha: just look around the house and see what needs to be cleaned.

Adam: I got this.

Adam picks up the couch

Adam: Oh! That's where I left my lucky floss!

Chase: If you use that, I will hurl.

Adam: And then I will clean up that hurl. Ka-ching!

Adam uses floss

Music as they clean the house

Bree: Perfect! You could eat off this floor.

Adam: Could, an, and will!

Tasha comes in

Tasha: Wow. You guys just did a day's worth of work in 3 minutes. You know, if this mission thing doesn't work out, I could buy a minivan, and we could open up a cleaning service! Here you go.

Tasha gives them the money

Bree: Oh, mama just got a new pair of shoes!

Chase: I am now worth 7 dollars.

Adam: I wish I knew how to count.

Tasha: Just make sure you spend your money responsibly.

a few days later

Adam: Hey guys! I got my new spray-on jeans!

Adam sprays jeans

Chase: How is that responsible spending?

Adam: 27 pairs in one can! That's one for every day of the month!

continues spraying

Theme song plays

Adam: Hey guys! The neighbors are selling their stuff in the front yard. I spent my last 5 bucks on this whole basket of used socks!

Chase: You don't even wear socks.

Adam: Hello? Sock puppets?

Bree: Well, I spent my chore money starting my hideous babies collection. There's Lip Sore Lizzie, Payback Peggie, and limited edition : Triple-Chin Chuck.

Adam: What'd you buy Chase?

Chase: I bought financial security. That's right, just me and my money for the rest of my life. I'm saving every last dollar. Friends come and go, but money is forever.