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Donald Davenport
Full Name

Donald Davenport


Donny (Douglas, Eddy, Terry)
Big D (Leo)






Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Father-in-law
Rose Dooley (mother in law)


Douglas Davenport (brother)


Tasha Davenport (wife)


Adam Davenport (adoptive son)
Bree Davenport (adoptive daughter)
Chase Davenport (adoptive son)
Leo Dooley (step-son)
Unborn daughter

First Episode

Crush, Chop and Burn

Last Episode

The Vanishing

Portrayed By

Hal Sparks

Donald Davenport is an inventor. He is Leo Dooley's step-father and husband to Tasha Davenport. He was thought to be the creator of the bionic humans, Adam, Bree and Chase. He is the brother of Douglas Davenport. He is portrayed by Hal Sparks.


Donald is an intelligent inventor who created the bionic super humans called the "Lab Rats". He became rich for his famous inventions. He seems to be interested in Video games and action figures. When he was a child, he's not very popular as he describes his action figures as his friends. Despite his inventions' glitches, he is still very proud of himself. He describes Eddy as "Vaguely Disturbing". He is also self-centered. And is also willing to do something if he is given credit or having his name in it.


Season 1Edit

  • Crush, Chop and Burn
  • Commando App
  • Rats on a Train
  • Exoskeleton vs. Grandma
  • Bionic Birthday Fail
  • Can I Borrow the Helicopter?
  • Back From the Future
  • Chip Switch
  • Drone Alone
  • Chore Wars
  • Dude, Where's My Lab?
  • Night of the Living Virus
  • Mission Invisible
  • Concert in a Can
  • Mission: Space

Season 2Edit

  • Speed Trapped
  • Missin' the Mission
  • Quarantined
  • Robot Fight Club
  • Bro Down
  • The Rats Strike Back
  • Parallel Universe
  • Leo vs. Evil
  • Hole In One
  • Trucked Out
  • The Bionic 500
  • Bionic Showdown
  • Memory Wipe
  • Avalanche!
  • Perry 2.0
  • Prank You Very Much
  • Twas The Mission Before Christmas
  • Trent Gets Schooled
  • No Going Back

Season 3Edit

  • Sink or Swim
  • The Jet-Wing
  • Mission: Mission Creek High
  • Zip It
  • Not So Smart Phone
  • Scramble the Orbs
  • Principal from Another Planet
  • Taken
  • Three Minus Bree
  • Which Father Knows Best?
  • Cyborg Shark Attack
  • You Posted What?!?
  • Armed and Dangerous
  • Alien Gladiators
  • Brother Battle
  • Spike Fright
  • Face Off
  • Merry Glitchmas
  • Rise of the Secret Soldiers
  • Bionic Houseparty
  • First Day of Bionic Academy
  • Adam Steps Up
  • Unauthorized Mission

Season 4Edit

  • Bionic Rebellion
  • Left Behind
  • Simulation Manipulation
  • Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med
  • Space Elevator
  • Human Eddy
  • Lab Rats: On the Edge
  • Ultimate Tailgate Challenge
  • And Then There Were Four
  • Space Colony
  • The Vanishing


Season 1Edit

  • Air Leo

Season 2Edit

  • Spy Fly
  • Spike's Got Talent
  • Adam Up
  • Llama Drama
  • My Little Brother

Season 4Edit

  • Bionic Dog
  • Mission Mania
  • Forbidden Hero
  • Spider Island
  • Spike vs. Spikette
  • Bionic Action Hero Pt. 1
  • One of Us
  • Bob Zombie (Indirectly)
  • The Curse of the a Screaming Skull


  • He was a multi-millionaire.
  • He was the only main character absent.
    • He was never absent in Season 3.

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