Full Name



Kaz (by everyone)
Fire Boy (Chase)
Frank (Himself, Oliver, Adam)
Superfreak (Chase)



Date of Birth

c.1999 (Age 16)

Resides in

Philadelphia, PA (formerly)
Centium City


The Elite Force member
Mighty Med Doctor (formerly)


Logan High School (formerly)


Unnamed Mother


Katie (sister)
Kenny (brother)
Kevin (brother)
Kali (sister)
Kasey (sister)
Kyle (brother)
Karen (sister)
Kasey (sister)
K (sister)
unnamed two siblings


Stephanie (former crush)
Spark (ex-girlfriend)

First Episode

Saving the People Who Save People

Last Episode

The Attack

Portrayed By

Bradley Steven Perry

Kaz is most likely to be voted as “class clown.” His best friends are Oliver and Skylar Storm and he works at Mighty Med, a superhero hospital. He is very reckless and impulsive, can be very dumb and do pranks and jokes at the wrong place, wrong time. It's revealed that he has eleven siblings. He and Oliver have superpowers at the end of the series finale of Mighty Med. In Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, he found Bob's yellow shirt and wore it.

Crossover AppearancesEdit

Appearances on Mighty MedEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Saving the People Who Save People
  • Frighty Med
  • I, Normo
  • Sm’oliver’s Travels
  • Pranks for Nothing
  • It's Not the End of the World
  • Evil Gus
  • Alan's Reign of Terror
  • So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick
  • Lockdown
  • All That Kaz
  • The Friend of My Friend Is My Enemy
  • Atomic Blast From the Past
  • Growing Pains
  • Night of the Living Nightmare
  • Mighty Mad
  • Fantasy League of Superheroes
  • Copy Kaz
  • Guitar Superhero
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Two Writers Make a Wrong
  • Are You Afraid of the Shark?
  • The Pen Is Mighty Med-ier Than the Sword
  • There's a Storm Coming

Season 2Edit

  • How the Mighty Med Have Fallen
  • Lair, Lair
  • Mighty Mole
  • The Claw Prank Redemption
  • Do You Want to Build a Lava Man?
  • Storm's End
  • Future Tense
  • Stop Bugging Me
  • Less Than Hero
  • Oliver Hatches the Eggs
  • Sparks Fly
  • Wallace and Clyde: A Grand Day Out
  • The Key to Being a Hero
  • New Kids Are the Docs
  • It's a Matter of Principal
  • Living the Dream
  • Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med: Part 2
  • Thanks for the Memory Drives
  • The Dirt on Kaz & Skylar
  • The Mother of All Villains

Appearances on Lab Rats: Elite ForceEdit

Season 1Edit

  • The Rise of Five
  • Holding out for a Hero
  • Power Play
  • Superhero Code
  • Need for Speed
  • Follow the Leader
  • The List
  • Coming Through in the Clutch
  • The Intruder
  • The Rock
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Sheep-Shifting
  • Game of Drones
  • They Grow Up So Fast
  • The Attack


  • He is the first Mighty Med character to appear on Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • His height is 5'10. (The Rise of Five)
  • One of his siblings/brothers made an appearance in an episode of Lab Rats: Elite Force, it's Kyle. (The Superhero Code)

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