Victor Krane
Full Name

Victor Krane


Bionic Madman (Donald)




Bionic Supervillian


Taylor (daughter)
Sebastian (son)
Spin (son)
Bob (son)
Donald III (son)
Charlie (son)
Lexi (daughter)
Tank (son)
Thermo Hands (son)
Kate (daughter)
Logan (son)
Bionic Soldiers (sons and daughters)

First Episode

No Going Back

Last Episode

Space Colony

Portrayed By

Graham Shiels

Krane is the evil former sidekick of Douglas Davenport. He will do anything to destroy Adam, Bree, and Chase.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Lightning Fingers: Krane can shoot lightning out of his fingers
  • Geo-Leaping: Krane can go to one place to another just by thinking about it
  • Absorbing Energy: Krane can absorb energy from things such as weapons seen when he sucked energy out of Donald Davenport's thermal blaster.
  • Molecular Kinesis: Krane can move objects with his mind like he did in "You Posted What!?" when he telekinetically strangled and threw Donald Davenport.


Season 2Edit

  • No Going Back (Masked/cameo)

Season 3Edit

  • Sink or Swim: Part 2
  • Taken
  • You Posted What?!?
  • Rise of the Secret Soldiers: Part 2 (Forces Unite)

Season 4Edit

  • Space Colony (deceased)


Season 3Edit

  • Scramble the Orbs
  • Which Father Knows Best?
  • Face Off
  • Merry Glitchmas
  • Bionic Houseparty
  • Unauthorized Mission

Season 4Edit

  • Bionic Rebellion
  • Bionic Dog
  • Spike vs. Spikette
  • One of Us
  • The Curse of the Screaming Skull
  • Lab Rats: On the Edge: Part 1

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